Several accreditation options are available to health care organizations. Managed care organizations can select from NCQA, URAC, or AAAHC. These accreditation standards seek to ensure customers receive quality care and service. Quality improvement requirements incorporate the use of standard measures of performance such as HEDIS and CAPHS. 

Since 1994 we have facilitated over 70 organizations to achieve successful accreditation and improve their HEDIS/CAPHS scores, ultimately improving service to customers. We also translate accreditation and regulatory compliance requirements into business processes and integrate them into the organization in order to avoid layers of processes and redundancy. Our accreditation services include as needed:

• Providing information to assist with the selection of right accreditation body for your organization 
• Conducting an organization assessment of the “current state” of compliance and facilitating the developing of a specific implementation plan 
• Program development, including developing job descriptions 
• Facilitating and or developing a process design for new processes 
• Facilitating a process redesign
• Onsite training and coaching on any or all of the standards 
• Consultant review of proposed processes, documents, etc to determine compliance with the standards
• Facilitating the design, implementation and writing of quality improvement initiatives 
• Survey preparation

Other examples of accreditation related activities include:

• Assisting and MCO to transition from one accreditation body to another 
• Providing regular updates on NCQA and HEDIS changes and implications for the organization

Designing core processes to implement HEDIS and CAPHS

Our process results in a stronger infrastructure, enhanced employee skills, and improved customer satisfaction. For more information, click on the applicable link below: 

Process Defined

Process Redesign

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Regulatory Compliance - Medicaid/Medicare


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