Regulatory Compliance - Medicaid/Medicare

Regulatory compliance involves a comprehensive understanding of the regulations and their intent. Good process design is critical to ensure effective implementation of requirements and ongoing compliance, to maximize efficiency and minimize redundancy and overlapping processes. Our services include:

Analysis of the regulations affecting the organization, 
Organizational assessment, 
Evaluation of existing processes, 
Identification of process gaps, 
Identification of performance measures (current and those needed) 
Process design/redesign and measure development
Implementation facilitation 
Ongoing monitoring 

The majority of consulting engagements consist of a review of regulatory requirements, evaluation of compliance and recommendations for maintaining compliance including process redesign when indicated.

Our process results in a stronger infrastructure, enhanced employee skills, and improved customer satisfaction. For more information, click on the applicable link below: 

Process Defined

Process Redesign

Quality Improvement


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Regulatory Compliance - Medicaid/Medicare


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